Mauritius A Piece of Heaven

The famous American writer Mark Twain once said " Mauritius was made first and then the heaven as heaven was being copied from Mauritius" .  It was rightly said, If you never been to Mauritius allow me explain what impressed Mark Twain to quote such beautiful words for Mauritius!  Welcome to my blog, I'm Nalini founder and CEO of Trident Mauritius. Even Mauritius doesn't need much introduction but just for few important information I would like to highlight as written in  Wikipedia Mauritius is an Island nation and it is a volcanic island (mainly there are two types of Island - Coral Island such as Seychelles and Volcanic Island such as Mauritius), Republic of Mauritius includes four Islands - Mauritius, Rodrigues,  Agal ├ęga and St. Brandon.  Mauritius was firstly  discovered  by the Arabs traders in around year 975, and they named it Dina Arobi, later Portuguese arrived on the Island around 1507 - 1508, who didn't took much interest in settling (however ate all